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Tree planting is a valuable investment for your residential or commercial property, which is why our Escondido residents choose our tree service company! From their energy efficiency shade to aesthetically pleasing curb appeal, a well-placed, attractive tree adds value and enjoyment to any property. Tree planting however, doesn’t involve simply digging a hole and inserting a tree. Planting trees requires careful handling so as not to damage or traumatize their growth. Our tree service experts have the know-how and experience to perform tree planting with professional results to ensure the full health of your trees from sapling to maturity. Here are some of the factors that go into successful tree planting:

  • Our expert crew has worked in the Escondido area for years and knows the best soil and weather conditions for your trees to reach optimal growth.
  • We choose trees that fit your landscaping needs as well as properly conform to your specific green space. Planting trees too close to buildings or utility lines won’t allow for full growth. Nor will planting trees near underground pipe systems or concrete walls be effective either.
  • Ideally, planting trees during their dormant season is best, usually in the fall after leaves drop or possibly in early spring before bud bearing begins. These two seasons with their cool temperatures are perfect to insure that your tree planting results in a tree that establishes a good root system before having to endure a hot summer or cold winter.

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Our experienced tree planting pros at our Escondido tree service company have successfully planted trees for years in the Escondido area. We know what types of trees grow well here and we know how to prepare the ground to give your new tree its optimum chance at thriving to maturity.

All our tree planting personnel are certified, licensed and knowledgeable tree service providers, who are anxious to assist your tree planting project. In addition to our experience with tree planting, we provide a full range of tree services to our clients. We off many tree services that include:

Next time you need trees planted on your residential or commercial property, don’t rely on an amateur tree service to do your tree planting. Trust an experienced, reputable tree service like our Escondido tree service company for tree planting and all your tree service needs.

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