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When your trees require an expert tree trimming service, trust them to our Escondido tree service company! We understand that tree pruning is one of those tedious, yet essential, chores to assure your developing trees establish strong structure and desirable form. Trimming a tree isn’t just cutting off the tips of branches, it requires knowing where to make the proper cuts to enhance the beauty and structural integrity of your trees. Tree pruning involves precision, technique, and specific equipment to maintain healthy growth.

Most Escondido self-pruners or amateur tree companies mistakenly chop off the tops of the mature trees that populate this area to eliminate the tree’s interference with surrounding elements like utility wires, which damages the tree and leads to poor property aesthetics. Consequently, pruning trees by topping them does very little for either the appearance or health of trees. Trust our tree experts to eliminate blunt cuts, tree topping or bark shredding, and prune your trees to perfection! Our trained staff has the expertise in working with Escondido’s trees to know their proper height and shape.

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Pruning is meant to encourage new growth, not stunt existing growth – we want your trees to be full and vibrant! Proper tree trimming involves removing excessive growth without creating other problems or risking the safety of your valuable Escondido vegetation. In fact, some arborists claim that trees should never be topped or pruned too close to the trunk to protect the tree from starvation or make it more susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

When our experts arrive to perform tree pruning procedures, we utilize the one-fourth rule and the one-third rule.

  • First, our tree pros never remove more than one-fourth of the crown of a tree during the tree’s growing season.
  • Second, we prune the tree’s branches so that side branches are one-third off vertical, with the main side branches being at least one-third smaller than the tree truck diameter.
  • We try to avoid removing a main branch on any tree as much as possible. However, if it becomes necessary to remove a main branch, we carefully cut the main branch back to where it will become attached to another large branch or the tree’s trunk to encourage growth.

Knowing that your trees need periodic pruning and calling in the experts to deliver professional results makes all the difference for healthy Escondido trees. Never trust an amateur tree service to perform these vital techniques because they often make costly mistakes. And you shouldn’t feel like you need to perform your own tree pruning when you’ve got experts at hand! We offer our services year-round to both commercial and residential properties throughout Escondido. And we have the most competitive prices around!

Though many homeowners opt to trim their own trees because of cost, our tree service company keeps your budget in mind at all times. We understand that regular tree trimming can add up, and that’s why we proudly offer flexible pricing plans and customizable service plans. You shouldn’t have to lose an arm and a leg just to lose a branch or two on your trees!

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With free estimates of all of our quality tree services, our Escondido tree service company will provide you with expertise make sure your tree trimming project ends up a success. We understand the delicate process of tree trimming, and offer fair pricing, exceptional customer service. Contact us today to get started! You can reach us by calling (760) 884-4922, emailing, or filling out the form to the right of this website.

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